Frequently Asked Questions - Others

Q1   It is reported that the IMF has released a ''FSSA'' for Japan. What is the ''FSSA''?

The IMF annually releases the ''Article IV Consultation-Staff Report'' which represents analyses of and recommendations for economic developments and policies of each IMF member country. The FSSA for Japan, which includes the consequence of Japanese FSAP carried out by the IMF over the last year and a half, is attached as an annex to the ''Article IV Consultation-Staff Report'' for Japan publicly released on September 5, 2003.


FSAP is the abbreviation for Financial Sector Assessment Program, which is a comprehensive assessment of overall financial systems of each IMF member country conducted by the IMF in cooperation with the World Bank. Japan is the 60th country which has wrapped up the FSAP.
** FSSA is the abbreviation for Financial System Stability Assessment, which is the report summarizing the FSAP results.
    FSSA includes analyses of Japanese financial system carried out by the IMF and opinions based on its analyses.

    For more details, please refer to the IMF website.