General Committee: Summary of Discussions

November 29, 1996

General Committee, Securities and Exchange Council


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The General Committee of Securities and Exchange Council, chaired by Prof. Shoichi Royama at Osaka University, has discussed what reforms should be made in the Japanese securities market over the mid-term in preparation for the coming of the 21st century.

So far, we have mainly discussed problems with the Japanese securities market, basic ideas, proposed reforms, and the direction that market reforms should take.

"Summary of Discussions" summarizes our discussion to date concerning such matters, and constitutes a discussion framework for the Committee to examine concrete matters.

The General Committee will further discuss individual matters within the framework provided by this paper. We would welcome any opinions from people in a wide variety of areas concerning the framework of discussion presented by this paper as well as concrete subjects of discussion.

This paper, because of its nature, will not limit subjects to those stated in this paper. Other subjects can be added and discussed if necessary.

I. Status Quo and Problems in Japanese Securities Market

II. Objectives and Procedure of Reforms

III. Specific Reforms

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* General Committee: Summary of Discussions (Abstract)

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