Annual Report 2003/200
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Message from the Chairman (PDF : 106KB)

1. Investigations of Criminal Offenses and Filing of Complaints
(PDF : 65KB)
  1)  Outline
  1. Authority to investigate criminal offenses
2. Scope of criminal offenses and others
2)  Investigations of criminal offenses and filing of complaints
  1. Investigations of criminal offenses
2. Filing of complaints

2. Inspections
(PDF : 70KB)
  1)  Outline
  1. Inspections to ensure fair trading
2. Inspections with respect to verifying traders' identity
2)  Basic inspection policy
3)  Results of inspections
  1. Outline of conducted inspections
2. Inspections of interest-conflicting acts in connection with analysts' reports
3. Outline of securities company inspection results
4. Outline of registered financial institution inspection results
5. Outline of financial futures trader inspection results
6. Outline of self-regulatory organization inspection results

3. Recommendations
(PDF : 115KB)
  1)  Outline
2)  Recommendations and measures taken based on recommendations
  1. Violations of laws by securities companies
2. Violations of laws or regulations by executives and other employees of securities companies
  3. Violations of laws or regulations by financial futures traders
  4. Violations of laws by self-regulatory organizations

4. Policy Proposals
(PDF : 69KB)
  1)  Outline
2)  Forwarded proposal and measures taken based on the proposals

5. Market Surveillance
(PDF : 61KB)
  1)  Outline
  1. Outline of market surveillance
2. Legal basis
3. Cooperation with self-regulatory organizations
2)  Summary of surveillance results

6. Gathering of Information from the General Public
(PDF : 46KB)

7. Efforts to Strengthen Activities and Function of Surveillance
(PDF : 69KB)
  1)  Strengthening surveillance systems
  1. Expanding of human resources
2. Improving information gathering and analyzing capability
2)  New surveillance functions
3)  Efforts to communicate with investors
4)  Cooperation with FSA and SROs
5)  Cooperation with Foreign Regulators
  1. Activities at IOSCO
  2. Bilateral exchange and cooperation with overseas securities authorities

8. Operations of Self-Regulatory Organizations to Ensure Fair Trading
 (PDF : 59KB)
  1)  Roles of self-regulatory organizations
2)  Activities of self-regulatory organizations

Supplements (PDF : 121KB)
Basic ideas-upon the establishment of a new structure
Table 1.  Organization of the SESC
Table 2.  Conceptual Chart for Supervision of Securities Transactions
Table 3.  Conceptual Chart for Relationship among the Prime Minister, FSA Commissioner, SESC and Local Finance Bureau Chiefs
Table 4.  Relationship to Self-Regulatory Organizations
Outline of Main Cases for which Recommendations were issued in the 2003 SESC Year
(a) (PDF : 74KB) 
(b) (PDF : 89KB) 
(c) (PDF : 117KB) 
(d) (PDF : 102KB) 
(e) (PDF : 67KB)
(f) (PDF : 63KB) 
(g) (PDF : 66KB) 
(h) (PDF : 70KB) 
(i) (PDF : 66KB) 
(j) (PDF : 62KB) 

Introduction of Chairman and Commissioners (PDF : 113KB)