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Professional business support is essential for setting up a business and starting your life in Japan. Below, you can search in English, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages for agencies that offer the following professional services:

  • Administrative Scriveners (Gyoseishoshi)
  • Tax Accountants (Zeirishi)
  • Attorneys (Bengoshi)
  • Certified Public Accountants (Konin kaikeishi)
  • Judicial Scriveners (Shihoshoshi)
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Relocation Services

* Please note that neither FSA nor the associations to which each of the professional services belong can guarantee the quality of the work and results of the providers listed.

* If a provider or corporation is able to provide more than one professional service, information regarding the other services provided will also be listed.

* For professional service providers, if you would like to have your services listed or would like to edit or delete your listing, please contact the association to which you belong.

View by Region

Naha (Okinawa) Kyushu Region Fukuoka 那覇(沖縄) 九州地方 福岡 Chugoku Region Hiroshima 中国地方 広島 Matsuyama Shikoku Region 松山 四国地方 Osaka Kyoto Kinki Region 大阪 京都 近畿地方 Nagano Chubu Region Nagoya 長野 中部地方 名古屋 Tokyo Kanto Region 東京 関東地方 Sapporo Sendai Hokkaido andTohoku Region 札幌 仙台 北海道と東北地方

Other Services

Please use the following information to help you get settled in Japan.