Japan Fintech Week Core week March 4th to 8thJapan Fintech Week Core week March 4th to 8th

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March 1, 2024

[Updated] New events have been added to "Event Information."

January 16, 2024

Mr. Toshiyuki MIYOSHI, Vice Commissioner for International Affairs, introduced "Japan Fintech Week" at the "India-Japan: Powering the Fintech Story" which was held at the Embassy of India in Japan.

January 12, 2024

The Japan Fintech Week page is now officially launched.

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About Japan Fintech Week

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Japan Fintech Week 2024, an event poised to illuminate the dynamic Japanese fintech landscape to a global audience. Taking place from March 4 to 8, this core week is set to catalyze business opportunities, fostering the continued growth of fintech innovation. In conjunction with the eighth iteration of FIN/SUM 2024 (hosted by the Financial Services Agency and Nikkei Inc.)Open in new window, the week will feature a diverse array of fintech-related events organized by various entities. Japan Fintech Week aspires to provide a unified platform for fintech professionals from Japan and around the world.

* Please refer to each event's website for information on how to participate, such as registrations, ticket purchase, etc., in related events during Japan Fintech Week. Please note that there is no common ticket that allows you to attend all events.

Title Japan Fintech Week 2024
Date and Time Wednesday, February 28 - Friday, March 15, 2024
* Core week: Monday, March 4 - Friday, March 8
Location Various locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka
(Event information will be continually updated.)
Program Highlights Expect an engaging lineup of symposiums, workshops, startup pitches, round tables, networking opportunities, booth exhibits, and more.
Organizer Financial Services Agency


Monday, March 11 - Friday, March 15, 2024

SundayMarch 10, 2024

MondayMarch 11, 2024

TuesdayMarch 12, 2024

WednesdayMarch 13, 2024

ThursdayMarch 14, 2024

FridayMarch 15, 2024

March 16, 2024~

Event Information


Before March 3rd

Centrum Free Workspace Day


Shibuya web3 hub "Centrum" hold an open office during Japan Fintech Week.
Please submit this form if you want to participate.
· Eligible persons: Fin/Sum ticket holders and Fin/Sum related parties (closed Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Bloomberg Fintech Week


FEB 28: Data Science Live
MAR 1: Bloomberg's LLM and AI in the financial markets
MAR 5: Japan Fintech Week Kick Off Breakfast
MAR 8: Yen Interest rate hedge seminar
MAR12: Sustainable Finance Forum
MAR13: Data Science Conference
MAR13-14: Bloomberg Fintech Diploma

25th Annual Japan International Banking & Securities System Forum 2024
~Accelerating Financial Digitalization and Capital Markets through the Evolution of AI~

G-MAC( JTB Communication Design, Inc.)

Financial DX is about to entirely change the operations of financial institutions and the financial market.This forum provide an opportunity of learning and networking. (in Japanese only)

BGIN Block 10


BGIN holds its 10th general meeting to find alignment among different stakeholders to explore solutions to key challenges in blockchain governance.




Japan Fintech Festival 2024


Japan Fintech Festival is global dialogue and mindshare shaping platform focusing on the Japan Ecosystem and International Adaptation, organized by Elevandi.

4F (FINOPITCH, etc.)


At 4F (*Future Frontier Fes by FINOLAB), we will organize Lab Crawl (3/4), JFIA(3/4), Tokyo Rooftop Night(3/5), FINOPITCH(3/7), Late Night Party(3/8), etc.



Japan Financial Innovation Award (JFIA) is to recognize innovative initiatives in financial services.Award ceremony will be covered online for the general public. (in Japanese only)

Finance x Startup EXPO 2024


FinGATE and FITA will jointly host an event to enliven "Japan FinTech Week" from Kabutocho and Kayabacho, inviting a wide range of people from the industry, including financial institutions and startups. (in Japanese only)

Lab Crawl


Visits to innovative laboratory facilities in the Otemachi Building, including FINOLAB.

Reception of Japan Blockchain Week 2024 at JFW

· Japan Blockchain Week
· IVS Crypto
· N.Avenue (CoinDesk JAPAN)

This event aims to encourage interaction among professionals in the web3 and fintech industries. It is organized by three entities: Japan Blockchain Week, IVS Crypto, and N.Avenue (CoinDesk JAPAN). As a part of “Japan Fintech Week 2024,” organized by the Financial Services Agency, this side event is supported by Astar Network and HIRAC FUND. Please register in advance and take this opportunity to join us at the venue.

[Closed event] AI Customer Council

Microsoft Japan

We will hold a seminar for legal and compliance professionals in financial institutions, aimed at supporting digital transformation in the financial industry. This seminar will cover the latest AI technologies and regulatory updates.(in Japanese only)

7th BCCC Collaborative Day

Blockchain Collaborative Consortium

This event is held annually as an opportunity for the approximately 160 member companies of the BCCC, primarily blockchain businesses, to deepen their interactions. The program includes lectures, panel discussions, and a networking reception.(in Japanese only)




FIN/SUM 2024

Financial Services Agency/Nikkei

FIN/SUM 2024 is an international fintech symposium co-hosted by The Financial Services Agency and Nikkei Inc., from March 5 to 8, 2024, as a core event of Japan Fintech Week. Experts from academia, the technology community, businesses, financial authorities, and central banks will be invited to discuss a wide range of topics, including Web3, AI, and regional developments in financial sector.

GMO Aozora Net Bank sunabar community event #26

GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.

Habitto Corporation, the first foreign financial services intermediary in Japan, will be our guest to discuss the development of a new product using embedded finance and the current state of engineering and financial services in Japan from a global perspective. (in Japanese only)

Tokyo Rooftop Night


A reception will be held for participants of Japan FinTech Week at the rooftop “SKY LAB” of the Otemachi Building.

The Award Ceremony of The Tokyo Financial Award 2023

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Award is given to businesses that develop and provide innovative financial products and promote ESG investment.

JCBA Web3 Regulatory Wave

Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA)

The Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA) actively advances the domestic web3 environment for its 150+ members through research, policy development, and lobbying. JCBA is proud to host a side event that includes a panel discussion and networking opportunities, fostering industry growth and collaboration!

AI Governance to Promote Use of AI

Microsoft Japan

To promote the use of AI, it is crucial to have AI governance as a guardrail to ensure its safe, secure and trustworthy use. In this session, we will focus on AI governance, introducing initiatives in various companies and conducting a panel discussion with experts.(in Japanese only)





British Embassy Tokyo

British Embassy Tokyo will host a pitch and networking lunch at FINOLAB with UK FinTech companies, and welcome those who are interested about UK/Japan FinTech.

Bitcoin and Lightning development 101 for prospective Bitcoin developers

Tokyo Citadel, Tokyo BitDevs, Diamond Hands

This is an event for local developers who are interested in getting started on Bitcoin and Lightning development. The speakers are experienced Bitcoin developers and you can get your questions answered directly.

Web3 in Action: Bringing Finance and Real-World Applications

OKCoin Japan

We focus on how blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs are integrated with traditional financial systems and various applications in everyday life, fostering new value creation and innovation.




DeFi Retreat 24 APAC

TET Events

The DeFi Retreats are international forums fostering critical collaboration between the Public and Private Sectors in the Digital Assets space. Participants include: Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, Founders, VCs and Academics.



“FINOPITCH'' is a global pitch contest for FinTech startups. Startups from Japan and overseas will give pitches at NOH-Theater in GINZA SIX (B3).

Roundtable on Fintech and Innovation for Central Bankers in Asia

Bank of Japan

This roundtable, hosted by the Bank of Japan, is a closed, invitation-only meeting for central bankers in Asia to exchange knowledge and experiences on fostering growth in fintech and innovation.

Discussing Fintech with Global Leaders—Unlocking the Future of the Financial Sector: Web3 and DX Reskilling presented by Tokyo Tatemono, Mizuho FG and CFTE

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.; Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE); Elevandi Japan, Ltd.

Global forum with speakers who are key players active in the front lines of financial and fintech ecosystems in Japan and around the world.

Eitai-dori Avenue Open Day: Working along Tokyo's Financial Corridor

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.; EXPERT OFFICE Co., Ltd.; NEXTBLUE Limited Liability Partnership

Opening coworking offices along Eitai-dori Avenue, known as Tokyo's financial corridor, offering perks such as being able to use the featured facilities for free.

What will change with “finance x disruptive technology”? “Generative AI x Quantum x Optoelectronic Fusion (IOWN)” is expected to be a promising technology after 2025 and regulation

FinTech Journal (SB Creative Corp)

In this event, we will introduce the thoughts of practitioners who are driving the changes in "finance x disruptive technology" all at once.(in Japanese only)

NFTStudio24 x OffChain Tokyo - Exploring DeFi and Stablecoins

NFTStudio24 x OffChain Tokyo

Join us for an insightful side event during Fintech Week Japan, where we dive into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and engage in a panel discussion focusing on stablecoins. As part of our exploration, we will discuss the fundamentals of DeFi & stabecoin, their potential benefits and challenges, and their impact on the future of finance in Japan and beyond.




Late Night Party


To close all the event, we will hold a networking reception.

FinTech Future 2024

British Embassy Tokyo

We will introduce selected FinTech companies from the UK and host a networking event to discuss the future of FinTech and UK-Japan collaboration.

The 2nd Financial Data Utilization Challenge Awarding Ceremony

Financial Data Utilizing Association

This data analysis competition aims to discover data scientists in financial institutions, providing learning with no-code tools and enabling cross-company networking. (in Japanese only)



10:00-11:00 Panel on APAC Trend
11:00-12:00 Pitch by APAC Startups
12:00-13:00 Networking Lunch

Avalanche RWA Night in Tokyo


Avalanche RWA Night is a social event for businesses looking to integrate RWAs into blockchain technology and expand its potential.(in Japanese only)

New Financial Services - The Next Step in Fintech

Fintech Association of Japan(FAJ), Funds, Inc, Atsumi & Sakai

Introducing the latest Fintech trends: focus on funding methods due to asset management country strengthening and startup promotion, expansion of financial services with new company entries, regulatory improvements like the Business Financing Promotion Act, and discussions on the venture debt market and investment contract frameworks.(in Japanese only)


After March 9th

Fukuoka FinTech Meetup

Fukuoka Prefectural Government

This is a great opportunity to meet with financial institutions, VC, local companies in Fukuoka Prefecture & Kyushu area, and FinTech companies that have already established their operations in Fukuoka. If you are interested in expanding your business to Fukuoka, please join us!

ITC Japan in collaboration with Plug and Play

InsureTech Connect Asia/Plug and Play Japan

The largest InsurTech event in Japan that will bring together industry leaders and investors for a dynamic exchange of ideas and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Digital Banking Transformation 2024

The Japan Financial News Co., Ltd.

Japan Financial News (NIKKIN) will hold the 4th Digital Banking Transformation (DBX2024) with the theme of "Achieving True Open Finance." If you are interested in financial DX, please come and join us. (in Japanese only)

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For collaboration inquiries or to express your interest in participating in Japan Fintech Week, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your involvement in this groundbreaking event that promises to shape the future of fintech in Japan. finsum.office@fsa.go.jp

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