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November 29, 2002

Statement by Heizo Takenaka, Minister for Financial Services

- Work Schedule of Program for Financial Revival -

  1. We have just the compiled the schedule for implementing the Program for Financial Revival publicly released on October 30 in the form of a work schedule aimed at its steady fulfillment.
  2. From now on, we will steadily implement the Program for Financial Revival according to this work schedule, in order to terminate the non-performing loan (NPL) problem in FY2004. We will thereby restore the confidence in the Japanese financial system and the financial administration and develop a stronger financial system to support structural reform.
  3. We will also conduct examination, etc. in concrete terms according to the work schedule while broadly listening to the opinion of relevant parties.
  4. Furthermore, the Government will steadily implement the Comprehensive Measures to Accelerate Reforms released recently, in line with the implementation of the Program, and take any means necessary to ensure that people can make a living with peace of mind and companies can concentrate on business.

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