Press Conference by Taro Aso, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Minister of State for Financial Services


(Friday, April 7, 2017, 9:02 am to 9:14 am)

[Questions and answers:]


I would like to ask about Toshiba. There have been some questions raised about the possibility that next week’s financial statement release will again be postponed, and I would like to hear your views on a listed company having to further delay information disclosure.


We can only speculate about the circumstances at the moment and, since I am not sure of these, I must refrain from commenting. In any case, April 11 has been set as a deadline, so I certainly hope to see the company deal with the situation properly.


Do you believe that topics involving Toshiba such as the sale of Toshiba’s semiconductor business or Westinghouse filing for Chapter 11 protection will be brought up in Japan-US economic dialogue?


The details of these talks are still being coordinated, so nothing has yet been decided. In addition, although this matter is outside my jurisdiction, those topics concern the operations of a particular company, and I would hardly expect issues regarding a particular company to be taken up for discussion in an economic dialogue.

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