(Provisional Translation)
15th September, 2008
Financial Services Agency
Government of Japan

Administrative Actions on Lehman Brothers Japan Inc. (2)

  1. When Financial Services Agency asked Lehman Brothers Japan Inc. [hereinafter referred to as "Lehman"] for reporting based on Article 56-2 (1) of Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, it reported that there are concerns about inability to pay from longer viewpoints. It is because that Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., the parent company of Lehman, applied to file under Chapter 11 of U.S. Bankruptcy Act.
    It can be regarded that Lehman's financial situations meet with Article 52 (1) vii of Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
  2. Therefore, Financial Services Agency issued administrative actions as follows.
    • Business Suspension Order
      Suspend Financial Instruments Business from 15th September to 26th September (excluding transactions for implementation and resolution of the past contracts issued before 12th September, and transactions about return of deposited assets)


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