November 13, 2013
Financial Services Agency

Materials Used in the International Conference on “Financial Regulation and Growth in Asia”

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) hosted the international conference on “Financial Regulation and Growth in Asia” on 29 October, 2013, in Tokyo.

After the opening remarks, a keynote speech about maintaining financial system stability was presented, and it proposed arrangements for increasing the financial sector’s contribution to economic growth. In the subsequent sessions, presentations and discussions focused on (A) shadow banking in Asia, and (B) financial intermediation for growth.

In session (A), the presentation included three main points: (1) the benefits provided by shadow banking to the financial system, (2) the vulnerability arising from the nexus between banks and shadow banks, and (3) the features of shadow banking in Asia compared to advanced economies.

In session (B), the presentation provided three main topics: (1) economic growth and the need for long-term investment, (2) the importance of financial intermediation for growth, and (3) challenges in financial intermediation and ideas to tackle them.

Summary and Presentation Materials

Summary of the Conference (summary)(PDF:66KB)

I.Opening remarks (transcript)(PDF:390KB)

II.Keynote Speech (transcript)(PDF:106KB)


(A) Shadow Banking (presentation slides)(PDF:1,191KB)

(B) Financial Intermediation for Growth (transcript)(PDF:46KB)

IV.Closing remarks (transcript)(PDF:93KB)


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