Sep 8, 2017
Financial Services Agency

Publication of an outline of key comments received at the “Contact for Financial Policies Monitor,” a neutral third-party comprised of external experts

1. About the Contact for Financial Policies Monitor
 The FSA has used various measures to seek opinions from financial institutions and the general public regarding financial policies in the past, but financial institutions have pointed out that it is not always easy to express candid opinions when the contact person is a FSA official. In light of such comments, the FSA has established the “Contact for Financial Policies Monitor” through which external experts receive opinions and suggestions as neutral third parties and convey such opinions and suggestions to the FSA for reflection in its financial policies. The Contact has been operational since January 29, 2016.
 From the perspective of ensuring effectiveness and transparency of the Financial Policies Monitor System, the FSA published an outline of key comments newly received at the “Contact for Financial Policies Monitor,” over the three-month period from January to March 2017. The outline also includes corresponding actions taken (or to be taken) by the FSA. The FSA publishes the outline on a regular basis.
 (Note)   In an attempt to continue efforts to seek opinions and suggestions on financial policies, the FSA has also opened a Contact for the FSA in order to continue to receive comments directly at the FSA. The Contact received 130 comments (including suggestions) between January 1 and March 31, 2017.
2. Comments received at the Contact for Financial Policies Monitor
- Comments received between January 1 and March 31, 2017
【Number of comments received : 7】
【Outline of key comments】
Please refer to (the appendix).
*: Among the comments which were submitted to responsible Financial Policies Monitors respectively and shared with the FSA executives and officials in charge, only the comments with the submitters’ consent to disclosure of the outline of their comments on the FSA’s webpage are herein disclosed. The personal information of the persons submitting the comments and the names of the organizations to which they belong are not disclosed.


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