(Provisional Translation)
December 22, 2017
Financial Services Agency
Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board

Exchange of Letters on cooperation in the area of audit oversight with the Ministry of Finance of People's Republic of China

1.Today, State Minister of Cabinet Office, Takao Ochi, and Vice Minister of MOF of PRC, Shi Yaobin, had meeting  in Beijing, and exchanged the Letters on ooperation in the area of audit oversight between Japan and China.
2.This exchange of Letters enables the authorities to exchange information to the extent permitted by their respective laws and regulations in the area of audit oversight on the basis of reciprocity etc.
3.Also, this exchange of Letters is expected to contribute to protection of investors in the Japanese and Chinese market in issuing cross-border bonds such as Samurai bonds and Panda bonds.
4.This exchange of Letters contributes to further deepening bilateral pragmatic cooperation in finance and expanding financial cooperation between Japan and China, which are agreed at Sixth China-Japan Finance Dialogue held in Yokohama, Japan last May.
5.The same press release as this will be publish by MOF of PRC.


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