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February 17, 2022
Updated on August 4, 2022
Financial Services Agency

Establishment of “Technical Committee for ESG Evaluation and Data Providers, etc.”


The FSA's "Report of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance," published in June 2021, recommended that the FSA should promote discussions on expected codes of conduct for ESG evaluation and data providers, which are becoming increasingly important as the world’s and Japan’s sustainable investment expands.
The FSA announced that it had decided to establish the "Technical Committee for ESG Evaluation and Data Providers, etc." under the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance. The Committee will discuss issues related to ESG evaluation and data providers, as well as companies and investors, which also play essential roles in ESG assessment, data provision, and finance.


The members of the Committee will include practitioners, market participants, and academics that are involved in ESG assessment and data provision, with relevant ministries and agencies as observers. The Strategy Development Division of the Strategy Development and Management Bureau of the Financial Services Agency will serve as the secretariat.

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Strategy Development Division, Strategy Development and Management Bureau, Financial Services Agency
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