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November 25, 2022

Updated on July 11, 2024

Financial Services Agency

On the “Working Group on Financial Institutions’ Efforts towards the Decarbonization of the Economy”

1. Summary

As the world moves toward the establishment of a sustainable society, there is growing importance of finance that promotes the transition to new industrial and social structures. It is important for financial institutions to promote effective initiatives that contribute to improving sustainability in cooperation with companies, while taking into account international discussions and the characteristics of client companies and local areas.

In this context, at the international level, major financial institutions continue discussions on transition plans that are consistent with carbon neutrality by 2050 and based on scientific evidence, while regional financial institutions develop and promote effective approaches towards energy conservation or decarbonization, etc. in cooperation with their client companies, taking into account regional strategies and supply-chain trends.

The Financial Services Agency accounced to hold the “Working Group on Financial Institutions’ Efforts towards the Decarbonization of the Economy". Referring to domestic and international trends and examples, the Working Group will discuss measures to facilitate dialogue between financial institutions and companies, including useful points to keep in mind when financial institutions engage in efforts toward decarbonization.

2. Composition

The members of the Working Group will include representatives from industry, financial practitioners and academics with relevant ministries and agencies as observers. The Strategy Development Division of the Strategy Development and Management Bureau of the Financial Services Agency will serve as the secretariat.

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