April 21, 2023
Financial Services Agency
(English version: published June 20, 2023)

Publication of "Progress Report 2023 for Enhancing Asset Management Business in Japan"

Today, Financial Services Agency published the translated version of the summary of "Progress Report 2023 for Enhancing Asset Management Business in Japan", which was previously published in Japanese on April 21th this year. 

The report outlines the key challenges and potential actions going forward for the asset management business in Japan to achieve steady growth as one of Japanese major industries by improving productivity and efficiency compared to global asset management companies (AMCs) as well as by ensuring trust and transparency in their business.  

For details, see the following Attachments.  


If you have any comments on this report, please feel free to send it to the following email address. Please refrain from contacting us by telephone.

Email: sousei-kodoka@fsa.go.jp


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