(Provisional Translation)
June 3,2021
Financial Services Agency
(Japanese version: published March 8, 2021)

Request upon Provision of Temporary Support Grant

The Program for Temporary Support Grant to Mitigate the Impact of the Emergency Declaration was launched targeting leading medium-sized businesses and small-to-mid-sized businesses that have been facing sales declines due to the impact of the declaration of a state of emergency issued in response to the further spread of the COVID-19 infection, under which restaurants are required to shorten business hours and people are requested to avoid unnecessary outings. The program aims to mitigate the impact of the declaration and support those businesses' efforts for continuing business. Applications started to be accepted.
 Please properly inform the members of your association so that they will make efforts for the following matters in light of the purpose of the temporary support grant scheduled to be provided: for supporting the business continuation.
 Even in cases where early recovery of sales is not expected for the time being or loan conditions have already been modified, financial institutions should give due consideration in setting collateral or deciding on seizure so as not to hinder businesses' efforts for continuing business depending on their respective circumstances.

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