Financial Services Agency
(Provisional Translation)
January 31, 2022
Financial Services Agency
(Japanese version: published December 21, 2021)


Request for Cooperation upon Providing Special Measures for Emergency Petty Funds, etc. for Individuals

 In order to offer support to households that are facing difficulties in maintaining their livelihoods in an emergency and temporarily due to the impact of the COVID-19 infection, the national government has put in place special measures for emergency petty funds and comprehensive support funds, and the application deadline was extended to the end of March 2022 in response to the prolongation of the impact of the infection.
 These measures are for households that are facing difficulties due to declines in income or unemployment, aiming to help them maintain their livelihoods. Please properly inform the members of your association regarding the following, in light of the purpose of these measures.

 Even in cases where early recovery of income is not expected or loan conditions have already been modified, financial institutions should give due consideration in setting collateral or deciding on seizure for the time being so as not to hinder borrowers' day-to-day lives, depending on their respective circumstances.

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