How to Set Up a Financial Business in Japan

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If you have already successfully completed financial license registration, click the button on the right for information on requirements and processes after registration.

After commencing operations
After commencing operations

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How to Set Up a Financial Business in Japan

Finding office space

Incorporating your business

Opening a bank account

Applying for a status of residence

Hiring staff

Setting Up Your Business

Coming to Japan

Joining an international school

Finding housing

Applying for statuses of residence for your family

Settling in Japan

Complete necessary procedures with public institutions
(Financial Instruments and Exchange Act requirements, tax, national insurance, status of residence, etc.)

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Incorporating Your Business

Companies establish bases in Japan generally as either representative offices, branch offices, or subsidiary companies. A lawyer or judicial scrivener can provide help with carrying out the necessary set up procedures.

Opening a Bank Account

Banks have different procedures to open an account. Please contact the banks directly for details.

Applying for a Status of Residence

Foreign nationals must obtain a valid work visa to reside and work in Japan. Please consult a legal expert (an administrative scrivener) for help with immigration and residency-related matters.


Companies that engage in economic activities in Japan are subject to taxation in Japan on profits derived from those activities. A licensed tax accountant can provide more information.

Human Resources

Recruitment agencies, hiring websites, newspaper ads, and recruitment magazines are just a handful of ways that companies hire employees in Japan.

Finding Office Space

Finding office space should be done as early as possible, as companies need to have an office address to fill out applications and carry out various procedures. Some of the procedures that require an office address include registering businesses, submitting official documents, applying for certificates of eligibility for immigration, opening bank accounts, and hiring employees.

Obtaining Financial Licenses

The general flow of the examination procedures to register as a financial instruments business is illustrated below. To ensure that registration procedures go smoothly, applicants should determine the specifics of the business description and methods, personnel structure, and the internal control system in advance.


Consultation with the Financial Market Entry Office

  • Confirmation of the business model and the type of registration required
  • Preparation and submission of a “Summary of Applicant” form

The Summary of Applicant requires the following information in addition to other documents:

  • Business description and methods
  • Personnel structure (operational system)
  • Internal control systems (status of preparation of internal rules)

* Contact the Financial Services Agency or the Finance Bureau here.


Preparation and submission of draft registration application documents

  • Checking the contents of the application documents
  • Checking the contents of the required supplementary documents

* See here for details regarding the pre-application consultation period.

* Creating the drafts will take approximately three to four months, depending on the registration applicant’s situation.


Application for Registration

* Main application documents can be found here.


Issuance of Notice of Completion of Registration (registration completed)

* Standard period for processing of registration application is as follows:
New Registration: 2 months after application
Registration of Change: 1 month after application
(The above period does not include the potential time required if application documents need to be corrected.)


Procedure to join a self-regulatory organization (ADR measures)

(See here for details.)


Commence operations

Financial Market Entry Office