Other Support

FSA works with local governments and other organizations that share its goals of making Japan into an international financial center. This cooperation helps ease and facilitate the entry of overseas financial companies into the Japanese financial market.
Please find below information on our main partners.


The Financial One-Stop Support Service works with FSA to provide free, comprehensive consulting and other support to foreign companies that wish to establish a finance-related business in Tokyo.
Additionally, Financial Desk Consultants are available to advise or introduce suitable experts to companies. All consultations with a Financial Desk Consultant are free of charge.


The Osaka Global Finance One-Stop Support Center works in conjunction with FSA to assist companies and investors from abroad who have aspirations to expand their financial businesses in Osaka.
The types of support available at the center include responding to specialized inquiries on financial licensing and procedures, and offering consultations on matters relating to business and daily life. Consultants with expertise in finance can provide guidance in both Japanese and English.


The Global Finance Centre provides one-stop support for foreign financial institutions considering business expansion into Fukuoka City, Japan. Staff members, who are well-versed in the finance industry and fluent in English, Chinese, and other languages, help with all the phases of setting up a business in the city.
“TEAM FUKUOKA” is a promotional organization that aims to attract international financial functions to Fukuoka through an all-Fukuoka team of industry, academia, and government. Since its establishment in September 2020, it has been promoting the concentration of future-oriented international financial functions. As a member of “TEAM FUKUOKA,” Fukuoka City launched the Global Finance Centre.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Invest Japan Business Support Centers (IBSCs) provide expert assistance to foreign and foreign-affiliated companies that wish to enter the Japan market and establish businesses in Japan.
Some of the support provided by IBSCs includes talent acquisition, business development in rural areas, and business expansion for companies already operating in Japan.

IBSCs are located in the following cities.

  • Tokyo
  • Yokohama
  • Nagoya
  • Osaka
  • Kobe
  • Fukuoka