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Press Conference by SUZUKI Shunichi, Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Financial Services


(Friday, November 18, 2022, 9:13 am to 9:25 am)

[Questions and answers:]


Regarding the discussions at the Ruling Party’s Tax Commission, some in the industry are calling for a significant increase in the annual investment quota and total tax exemption limits for NISA. What level of increase do you think is appropriate for the doubling asset-based incomes?


The Doubling Asset-based Incomes Plan will be formalized by the end of this year, and various improvements will be made to NISA as part of that plan. Several approaches to that end are currently being considered.
A variety of opinions have been expressed and the FSA has presented its own requests, and we hope that the Ruling Party’s Tax Commission would make decisions in line with these requests.


I guess the FSA’s requests does not mention any specific figures on how far the limits should be raised; what figures do you think would be appropriate for the doubling plan?


We are right in the middle of considering on this, so let me ask that you please wait to take a look at the outcome.

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