Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC)


GLOPAC fellowship program

The GLOPAC offers training and research programs tailored to the areas of interest of each Visiting Fellow. The outcomes of the programs may be disseminated at seminars/symposiums and be utilized for further development of financial regulatory and supervisory systems and for contribution toward global financial regulatory reforms.

  • Contents

    The Visiting Fellows attend basic lectures on the FSA’s organizational structure, financial regulatory framework and supervisory practices, as well as visit other relevant organizations. In addition, customized sessions are arranged for the Visiting Fellows at relevant divisions of the FSA, focusing on respective areas of interest.

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  • Duration of the fellowship program

    Usually, 2-3 months for each fellowship program.

  • Others

    Further details, including “Qualification” of the Visiting Fellows and “Expenses and allowance” can be found on the PDFleaflet.

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