Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC)


Presentations at the GLOPAC Fellowship Program from Current Visiting Fellows

Uzbekistan & Main Insurance  Highlights in 2014-2016
Mr. Jasur A. Kholmirzaev, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State Insurance Supervisory Board, Republic of Uzbekistan

Turkish Insurance Market Overview & Structure and Cooperate Governance and Internal Systems
Ms. Dilek Sakallioglu, Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Insurance Supervision Board, Republic of Turkey

Introductory of Indonesia's Insurance Framework
Mr. Brahma Setyowibowo, Indonesian Financial Service Authority, Republic of Indonesia

GLOPAC Fellowship Program Introductory Presentation
Mr. Niño Jerald M. Cruz, Department of Finance Insurance Commission, Republic of the Philippines

Overview of the Insurance Market
Ms. Veronica Namate, Non-bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority, Republic of Botswana

Insurance market in Mongolia
Mr. Gankhuyag Shonkhor, Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia, Mongolia

Insurance Industry in Myanmar
Ms. De Mo Win Myint, Ministry of Planning and Finance, Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Insurance Markets in Thailand
Ms. Ubonwan Saengtrong, Office of Insurance Commission, Kingdom of Thailand

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