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March 19, 2018
Financial Services Agency

Blockchain Round-Table
[Multilateral Joint Research project]

 The Financial Services Agency of Japan (JFSA) held the “Blockchain Round-Table” on March 8 and 9 with the participation of foreign and Japanese regulatory and supervisory authorities and central banks (UK Financial Conduct Authority, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Australian Securities Investments Commission, Abu Dhabi Global Market Financial Services Regulatory Authority, France Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Bank of Japan and Bank of Canada) as well as foreign and Japanese academic institutions. (MIT Media Lab, The University of Tokyo and Keio University)
 The Round-Table is conducted in accordance with an initiative of the “Multilateral Joint Research” project. The project is facilitated by the Growth Strategy 2017 of Japan and by the Strategic Direction and Priorities of JFSA 2017-2018, aiming to lead the international studies on Blockchain-related issues.


  • Considering today’s innovative environment underpinned by technologies including blockchain, many people observe that such technologies have the potential to change the financial landscape in the coming period and may feel that such technologies will transform the structure of financial businesses.
  • In the initiatives of international standard setting bodies such as the Financial Stability Board, etc., technologically enabled innovation including blockchain is closely studied and assessed especially in light of the potential impacts or risks relating to new technologies from financial stability perspectives.
  • In this context, JFSA, in cooperation with other regulatory bodies, has launched Blockchain Round-Table as an ad-hoc platform to share collective views concerning blockchain under the Multilateral Joint Research. The round table meeting especially highlights the inherent technical risks and opportunities around blockchain. As a part of this initiative, JFSA currently conducts a study on the vulnerability issues of public-blockchain and relevant security issues and its impacts from technical perspectives.
  • Among others, the round table is held to contribute to strengthening collaboration with academia and regulatory bodies that have established or will establish Fintech Co-operation Framework as well as central banks.

Date and Venue

  • March 8-9, 2018
  • Financial Services Agency of Japan, Tokyo

Day 1

  • Harmonization among regulators and academia
  • Vulnerability issues of public-blockchain
  • Blockchain innovation and responsible user protection
  • Jurisdictional initiatives on blockchain


  • Potential of blockchain
  • Standardization initiatives by International Organization for Standardization
  • Technical issues on blockchain usage
  • Blockchain tests and use cases – jurisdictional Proof of Concept, etc.


  • The meeting was not open to the public but some experts were invited to this round table to learn and share their technical views on blockchain.
  • The round table discussion is still a voluntary initiative where experts gather from regulatory authorities and academia, and it is appropriate that candid discussions be ensured in a closed space.
  • However, some common viewpoints and challenges from the meeting may be shared to the public once their publication is agreed upon by all participants.

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