November 11, 2022
Financial Services Agency

FSA became a signatory to the IOSCO APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Committee) Supervisory MMoU

 On October 17, 2022, following the approval by the APRC, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (the “FSA”) became a signatory to the APRC Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding for Supervisory Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “APRC Supervisory MMoU”), which is an information-sharing mechanism for supervisory cooperation among securities regulators in the Asia-Pacific region.

 The APRC Supervisory MMoU is the first IOSCO framework undertaken as part of efforts to strengthen supervisory cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. The FSA has particularly been leading the discussion under its leadership as APRC Chair. In contrast to IOSCO MMoU, the APRC Supervisory MMoU enables not only the information on the law enforcement, but also the signatories to widely exchange supervisory information.

[Note] A regulator who wish to become a signatory to the APRC Supervisory MMoU must be approved through a review process by APRC that it has sufficient legal ability to undertake information exchange under the APRC Supervisory MMoU. At present, 12 regulators (in alphabetical order: Australia ASIC, Bangladesh SEC, Chinese Taipei FSC, Hong Kong SFC, Japan FSA, Japan MAFF, Japan METI, Malaysia SC, Mongolia FRC, New Zealand FMA, Singapore MAS, and Thailand SEC) in the Asia-Pacific region are the signatories to the APRC Supervisory MMoU.

[Reference] The APRC is a regional committee established within IOSCO to focus on common issues involving the capital markets and the securities regulators in the Asia-Pacific region. As of October 2022, 24 securities regulators from the Asia-Pacific region participate in the APRC.

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