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November 22, 2023
Financial Services Agency

 “Launching Japan’s Impact Consortium” Announced

As the importance of environmental and social issues such as climate change and the declining birthrate and aging population increases, the support for businesses that contribute to resolving these issues has become an urgent task.
In particular, it is important to realize a positive feedback loop that links the creation of environmental or social impact to economic and social growth and sustainability. A wide-ranging collaboration is expected among industry, government, academia, and financial institutions.
In this context, "Japan’s Impact Consortium" will be launched as an interactive communication platform where impact-driven stakeholders could join in and share their expertise and experiences. The Consortium aims to support various initiatives to realize impact through business and to develop impact investment into an established approach and market. The launch event (publicly open with live stream) is scheduled to be held at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 28 (JST).
Updated information will be announced through the website of Financial Services Agency.
Please refer to the following website for an overview of the Consortium.
Website (available only in Japanese):
Announcement of Japan’s Impact Consortium新しいウィンドウで開きます
Please contact us at the following email address for questions.


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