February 14, 2024
Financial Services Agency
(Japanese version: published February 7, 2024)

Strengthening user’s protection against unlawful money transfers to crypto-asset exchange service providers

At present, the number of cases of damage caused by specialized fraud still remains high, and there are also many cases of damage caused in internet banking by unlawful money transfers. According to an analysis by the National Police Agency (NPA), most of these damages are transferred using crypto-assets.

Therefore, the Financial Services Agency, in collaboration with the NPA, encouraged financial institutions to further strengthen their user’s protection depending on the risks such as their status of transfers to crypto-asset exchange service providers, referring to examples of initiatives.

Examples of Initiatives in Financial Institutions

(1)Stopping transfers to crypto-asset exchange service providers if the sender's name is different from the account name

(2)Strengthening monitoring of unlawful transfers to crypto-asset exchange service providers

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The National Association of Shinkin Banks
Shinkumi Banks Association of Japan
National Association of Labour Banks
Japan Post Bank
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Shoko Chukin Bank

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