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Japan Corporate Governance Forum


The Financial Services Agency (“FSA”) has been promoting corporate governance reforms through the formulation and revision of Japan’s Stewardship Code and Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, with the aim of achieving sustainable corporate growth and increased corporate value over the mid- to long-term.

On September 22, 2022 (EST), Prime Minister Kishida said in his speech at the New York Stock Exchange, “One very important policy is corporate governance reform. [...] We will accelerate and further strengthen corporate governance reforms in Japan, such as establishing a forum in the near future to hear from investors from around the world.”

As stated in this speech, the FSA has established the Japan Corporate Governance Forum.

Going forward, at this forum, we will hear a wide range of opinions from stakeholders, including overseas investors, and consider measures to promote corporate governance reforms in terms of substance.

If you have an opinion on issues or measures to promote corporate governance reform in terms of substance, please contact <jcgf.secretariat★fsa.go.jp>.
*Please replace the “★” with “@”.

Event history

・ 1st Forum held on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, with Asian Corporate Governance Association

・ 2nd Forum held on Monday, October 3, 2022, with International Corporate Governance Network

・ 3rd Forum held on Thursday, January 12, 2023, with U.S. investors,etc.

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