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June 29, 2018
Financial Services Agency

Revision of "JFSA’s supervisory approaches
-Replacing checklists with engagement-

The Financial Services Agency (JFSA) issued the English translation of its draft report "JFSA's supervisory approaches" and called for public comments in English from January 5 through February 14, 2018 (as for the Japanese version, from December 15, 2017 through February 14, 2018). The JFSA recieved 282 comments both in Japanese and in English from 52 individuals and entities. Based on the comments received, the JFSA revised and published the report on June 29,2018. The complete report can be accessed from the link below.

Complete Report(English)pdf

The summary of comments received and the JFSA's views on them is provided in Appendix1 and the JFSA's views on each comment submitted in English is provided in Appendix2.

   (Appendix1) pdfThe summary of comments received and the JFSA's views
   (Appendix2) pdfJFSA's views on the comments submitted in English

The Agency continues to solicit comments on all aspects of this report so that it can continuously enhance its supervisory approaches. Comments should be sent to the Agency by e-mail to the address below.

Email address: supervisory-approach@fsa.go.jp

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Planning and Evaluation Division, Inspection Bureau, Financial Services Agency
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