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Terms and Conditions

  • This service uses an external e-mail transmission service.
  • Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) will properly manage, to the extent possible, the data and information obtained upon subscription to this service. The SESC will not use the data and information obtained for any other purposes other than this service and as reference for management of this website. However, disclosure that is required by a provision of an act is expected from this rule.
  • In the case that the e-mail does not reach the recipient for traffic problems (i.e, delay or loss of transmission), it is not resent.
  • The SESC reserves the right to suspend or discontinue this e-mail service after giving advance notice on the Homepage of the SESC website.
  • The SESC is not responsible in any way for anything related to the suspension, delay or discontinuation of the operation of this service.

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