Financial Start-Up Support Program

The Financial Start-Up Support Program is designed to assist overseas financial companies with establishing an office and expanding business activities in Japan by providing one-stop services in English for free.
Support includes providing information, consultation, and assistance regarding the start-up process, such as company registration, obtaining a status of residence, and obtaining the necessary financial licenses to conduct business in Japan.
Information to assist with life in Japan is also available, such as finding English-speaking medical facilities, real estate agencies, and recommending international schools.

*The implementation period of the Program ends on March 31, 2025.

English Support and Rebate of Costs: Banking, Financial License Application, Compliance Officer Recruitment, Visa Application, Incorporation
Initial Support
English Support: Corporate: Legal, Back Office; Livelihood: Immigration, Housing, Schools, Healthcare; English Support
Ongoing Support

Success Stories

This is a list of companies that have successfully completed registration in English through the Financial Market Entry Office.
There are also interview articles in which companies detail their reasons for entering the Japan market and their expectations regarding future business development opportunities in Japan.

List of Companies that Registered in English