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Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited

Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited (June 2024)

Akihiro Hayashi Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited
Representative in Japan
Interviewer: Financial Services Agency
(February 2024)

Company Profile
Company: Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited
Established: May 4, 2023
Main Business: Financial Instruments Business (Investment Advisory and Agency Business)
Financial Instruments Business Operator: The Director–General of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (FIBO) No. 3403

The logo of Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited: A/B BERNSTEIN

1. Congratulations on your completion of the Investment Advisory and Agency Business registration. Could you give us an overview of your company?

Muzinich & Co., Inc., was established in NY in1988. We are a privately owned, mainly institutionally focused investment firm providing investment solutions in public and private credit markets globally. We have our headquarters in New York and London, as well as regional offices in Dublin, Palm Beach, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, Sydney, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Zurich and now Tokyo.

The company started managing high-yield corporate bond portfolios in September 1990. Since the beginning, we have focused on building long-term client relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. We aim to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns, underpinned by a disciplined investment approach and rigorous credit analysis. Our commitment to clients includes regular meetings and communications, understanding their needs and working in collaboration with them to develop bespoke solutions.

Our Japanese presence is established as a Tokyo branch of a new Singapore entity, Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited (“Muzinich Japan”).

With the new Investment Advisory and Agency (“IAA”) Business registration, Muzinich Japan hopes to actively market and solicit investment management and investment advisory mandates for Muzinich Investment Managers.

Why did you decide to start business in Japan?

We see our approach and capabilities in corporate credit as an excellent fit with Japanese investors and distributors, which share our focus on building long-term relationships.

As we expressed our wish to enhance our presence in Japan, certain Japanese brokers were kind enough to make introductions to leading financial institutions. These introductions provided the initial gateway for Muzinich in Japan, allowing us to identify and formulate relationships with leading Japanese financial institutions. In this regard, and to further demonstrate our commitment to the Japanese market, Muzinich Japan was established to enhance our existing relationships, and expand our profile and network with institutional investors and distributors.


2. What were your impressions about the all-in English registration process by the Financial Market Entry Office (FMEO)?

Since we first explored the regulatory regime several years ago, significant improvements have been made to make the registration process clearer and more efficient.

The Guidebook for Registration has been an invaluable source to understand the registration process. The initial meetings gave us confidence that the regulator would be fully engaged with our application. The collaboration between our team, the regulator and local counsel has been exceptional.

We are especially thankful for FMEO’s support. The all English registration process by the FMEO has ensured smooth, clear and effective communication between all parties.

The FMEO has done a lot of work to facilitate the license process for foreign asset managers. This is very much appreciated. We are excited and energized at the opportunity to build a business in Japan, which we have wanted to do for many years.

Left side of monitor, Akihiro Hayashi(”Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited”, Representative in Japan),pictured with monitor, left: Duncan Lidgitt (“Muzinich & Co. Limited”, General Counsel / “Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited”, Director), right (top) : Alex Mckenna (“Muzinich & Co. Limited”, Chief Operating Officer, UK, EMEA and APAC), right (bottom): Adil Khan (“Muzinich & Co. Limited”, Director - Compliance, UK, EMEA &APAC. “Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited”, Compliance Officer)

3. Muzinich Japan’s visions for the future

How does Muzinich Japan work together with the overseas head offices?

Regular communications that bring together all of our regional teams is integral to our success. We have global sales meetings every Friday and weekly meetings for all employees. Transparency is part of our culture: every employee should know what's going on in the business.

What are Muzinich Japan’s visions for the future?

We have built our capabilities in corporate credit investment for over three decades, and pride ourselves on being one of the world's leading players in this asset class.

As mentioned, we are convinced that our long-term approach aligns well with the Japanese. Also, we believe our wide range of investment management strategies, based on a rigorous investment process and credit research, will be of interest to Japanese clients.

The Investment Advisory and Agency (IAA) business license is a critical first step in building our Japanese presence. This registration will allow Muzinich Japan to approach Japan-registered discretionary investment managers to actively market and solicit both investment management and investment advisory mandates. In addition, we want to expand our profile and network in Japan among institutional investors and distributors.

This is an exciting time to establish a business in Japan. The country is already one of the world’s leading asset management and financial markets: Muzinich is honoured and excited to become part of Japan’s success story.


Akihiro Hayashi
Muzinich & Co. (Japan) Pte. Limited, Representative in Japan

Mr. Hayashi has over 25 years of industry experience with a strong focus on servicing, planning and business development for pension funds and financial institutions. He most recently was a member of Institutional Sales as director at Barings Japan Ltd., where he spent 8 years continuing his strong relations and securing mandates from various top tier pension funds and financial corporations. Before joining Muzinich, he has worked for some of the largest financial institutions in Japan including UBS Global Asset Management (Japan) Ltd., Manulife Asset Management Japan Ltd., Blackrock Japan, Ltd. and Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. As a seasoned professional in Japan, Mr. Hayashi not only has an extensive understanding of the various Japanese financial regulations, but also cultivating success in the financial services industry in Japan. Mr. Hayashi earned a Bachelor of Economics from Kwansei Gakuin University.