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April 1, 2020
Financial Services Agency

Appointment of the Director of the Financial Research Center

On April 1, 2020, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) appointed Dr. YOSHINO Naoyuki, Emeritus Professor of Keio University, as the Director of the Financial Research Center (FRC). Dr. Yoshino also serves as Adjunct Professor of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, and Visiting Lecturer at Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo.

See below for the organization of the FRC

For further information, please contact:

Financial Research Center
Strategy Development Division, Strategy Development and Management Bureau 
Tel: +81-3-3506-6000 (ext.: 3551, 3552)

Financial Research Center (FRC)

The Financial Research Center (alternatively called “the FSA Institute”) was launched in July 2001 for the purpose of effectively coordinating research at the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and training of FSA personnel. 

The Organization of FRTC

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