About the Financial Research Center

The Financial Research Center (alternatively called “the FSA Institute”) was launched in July 2001 for the purpose of effectively coordinating research at the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and training of FSA personnel.

At present, it is increasingly important that the FSA responds in an appropriate way to rapidly advancing financial technologies and expanding cross-border financial transactions, among other things, and conduct regulatory and supervisory operations in an appropriate manner. Under these circumstances, the FSA Institute studies important issues of financial regulation and supervision by making use of its expertise in such fields as monetary economics, finance, law, accounting, and financial engineering, and also serves to improve FSA personnels’ expertise and foresight on an ongoing basis.

The FSA Institute has been primarily engaged in the following activities since its creation:

  • (1) Conducting research studies forming the theoretical basis of financial regulation and supervision;

  • (2) Serving as a bridge between financial regulators and supervisors and academia, and holding study meetings, lunchtime lectures, international conferences and other such events aimed at enhancing networks among staff of related government departments/agencies, experts in the private sector, and academics; and

  • (3) Providing training courses for FSA personnel.

♦ Principal Activities of the FSA Institute ♦

The FSA Institute’s primary activities in business year 2022 (July 2022-June 2023) were as follows.

  • Compiling the results of research conducted by Research Fellows, Associate Research Fellows, Special Research Fellows of the FSA Institute, and of joint reserach by FSA Institute Director and FSA staff, into four research papers, and publishing them as the FSA Institute’s Discussion Papers.
  • On May 31, 2023, the FSA and the University of Tokyo entered into a basic agreement on research collaboration for the purpose of accumulating academic and practical cutting-edge knowledge related to financial markets and financial administration.
  • The FSA Institute provided 50 training courses to FSA personnel, with a focus on enhancing courses for acquiring systematic knowledge and high-level expertise on financial administration.  Besides these trainings, it provided online courses aimed at obtaining certified qualifications.

♦ Renaming of Organization ♦

The Financial Research Center (alternatively called “the FSA Institute”) was originally named the Financial Research and Training Center (FRTC) but was renamed in September 2010 as part of the efforts to enhance its research functions.


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