FSA Institute’s Past Activities


The FSA Institute's primary activities in FY2009 were as follows.

  • The results of research studies conducted by research fellows, etc. of the FSA Institute were compiled in the form of 14 research papers, etc. and published as the FSA Institute's Discussion Papers. From among them, 10 research papers were selected and featured in a collection of papers titled “FSA Research Review yol.6” (published in March 2010).
  • The FSA Institute held the 6th international conference “A Perspective of Asian Financial Sector under the Global Financial Crisis,” for the purpose of verifying the impact of the recent financial crisis on banks in Asian nations and discussing such topics as how financial activities should be regulated and supervised in view of supporting economic recovery and sustained economic development while ensuring financial stability into the future. The conference was jointly hosted with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and Keio University Global Center of Excellence (GCOE), with the participation of approximately 230 people, including domestic and overseas researchers, government and central bank officials, financial institutions and representatives from foreign embassies in Tokyo.
  • As part of research activities of researchers, etc., the FSA Institute held a total of 8 study meetings to conduct joint studies with experts, etc., namely, “Study Meeting on Future Vision of Securities Markets” and “Study Meeting on Risk Management associated with Internationalization,” and compiled the results in the respective study meeting reports. The FSA Institute conducted 68 training courses targeted at FSA personnel, while focusing on enhancing specialized training related to financial affairs in practice.

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