FSA Institute’s Past Activities

(July 2013-June 2014)

The FSA Institute’s primary activities in business year 2013 (July 2013-June 2014) were as follows.

  • Compiling the results of research conducted by special research fellows of the FSA Institute into eight research papers, and publishing them as the FSA Institute's Discussion Papers.
  • Holding three international conferences and symposiums. In October 2013, the FSA Institute held a symposium jointly with the Research Center for Advanced Policy Studies of Kyoto University and the Institute of Social and Economic Research of Osaka University on the topic of stability of the financial system and competition in the financial services industry. The symposium had 165 participants. In November 2013, the FSA Institute hosted a conference on “The Future of Asian Markets and Exchanges” with Japan Exchange Group, Inc. The conference had 328 participants. In January 2014, the FSA Institute held a conference jointly with the Asian Development Bank Institute and the International Monetary Fund titled “Financial System Stability, Regulation and Financial Inclusion.” The conference had 308 participants.
  • The FSA Institute’s Study Group on Corporate Financing and Governance had four meetings in total to exchange information and discuss issues related to corporate financing.
  • The FSA Institute provided 73 training courses to FSA personnel, with a focus on providing expert training on the financial system and practices.

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