Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC)


Presentations at the GLOPAC Fellowship Program from Current Visiting Fellows

Argentine Financial System (in the Argentine Republic)
Ms. Evelin Graciela Santonii, The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic,  The Argentine Republic

Banking Market in Chile (in Chile)
Mr. Patricio Antonio Pino Urrutia, Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile, Chile

Overview of Indian Banking System, Supervisory Framework and Major Challenges (in India)
Mr. Sharma Mukesh Kumar, Reserve Bank of India, India

Regulatory and Supervisory Framework (in Indonesia)
Mr. Renno Andhito, Indonesian Financial Service Authority, Indonesia

Iranian Banking System Structure and a Need for Reform (in Iran)
Mr. Behzad Lamei, Central Bank of Iran, Iran

Regulatory Challenge for BOL(in Laos)
Mr. Sompadith Volachit, Bank of the Lao PDR, Laos

Mongolian banking system (in Mongolia)
Mr. Surmaajav Ganbayar, The Bank of Mongolia, Mongolia

Overview of Capital and banking market in my country(Myanmar)
Ms. Ni Lar Win, Central Bank of Myanmar, Myanmar

Overview of Thailand Banking Industry (in Thailand)
Ms. Chanidapa Srithongdee, Bank of Thailand, Thailand

Overview of Central Bank of the UAE (in UAE)
Mr. Majed Salem Ahmed ALHammadi, Central Bank of the UAE, UAE

Financial Stability (in  Vietnam)    
Mr. Vu Phuong Nguyen, The State Bank of Vietnam, Vietnam


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