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List of licensed (registered) Financial Institutions


  • City Banks and Trust Banks (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
  • Regional Banks & Regional Banks II (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
  • Bank Holding Companies (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
  • Credit Associations (Shinkin Banks) (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
  • Keito Financial Institutions (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
  • Financial Institutions which engage in Trust Business, etc. (PDFPDFExcelExcel)

Foreign Bank’s Agent Banks

  • The List of Foreign Bank’s Agent Banks (PDFPDFExcelExcel)

Financial Instruments Business Operators, etc.

Insurance Companies

  • Life Insurance Companies (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
  • Non-Life Insurance Companies (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
  • Insurance Holding Companies (PDFPDFExcelExcel)

Trust Companies

Foreign Audit Firms

  • Foreign Audit Firms and Individual Accountants (PDFPDFExcelExcel)
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