What is Japan Weeks?

The government of Japan, in cooperation with relevant parties, will hold “Japan Weeks” from September 25 to October 6, with intensively inviting foreign investors and asset management companies, to promote relevant policies for the realization of an international financial center and Japan's attractiveness as a financial and capital market. During this period, various events will be held, including those on sustainable finance, promoting a shift from savings to investment, and promoting Japan as a leading asset management center.

Government officials will participate in various events to communicate directly with overseas investors. In addition, domestic asset owners and asset management companies will also be invited to participate, providing an opportunity for communication among stakeholders.

This event will be collaborated with Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week (September 30 - October 6) and METI's GX (Green Transformation) Week (September 25 - October 6).


[Updated] Speeches by government officials have been added to "Event Information."


All events of Japan Weeks have ended successfully.


[Updated] Speech by Prime Minister Kishida in NY


Japan Weeks official website is now available.

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“We will also decisively carry out structural reforms, an area where Japan's efforts have been pointed out as too slow. We will drastically expand NISA, the tax exemption scheme for small investments, and make it permanent. Building on that, we will reform the asset management sector as well as asset owners which will manage the expanding funds. ... We will push hard to encourage sophisticated asset management and to solicit new entrants. To start with, we will rectify Japan's unique business practices and resolve barriers to entry, and will also introduce a new program to assist new entrants. We will also promote deregulation to enable asset management firms to outsource their back-office operations. To encourage new entry from overseas, we will establish special business zones tailored specifically for asset management business where administrative procedure can be completed solely in English. In these zones, we will take measures to improve the business and living environment tailored to needs of overseas asset managers. ... The vision I spoke today will be put in concrete action as a policy package. To garner support for this vision, we will hold a "Japan Weeks" event this autumn, and invite investors around the world. I would be delighted if you would join us in this endeavor.”

Prime Minister Kishida’s Remarks to the Economic Club of New York (September 21, 2023)

Event Information

National Securities Conference

Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japanese Stock Exchanges Conference, Japan Investment Trusts Association

Industry representatives (JSDA, etc.) express their determination toward specific measures that they should take, and guest speakers provide their insight that resonates as industry guidelines. This is an invitation-only event (in Japanese only).

Transition Finance Roundtable "Expectations for GX Economic Transition Bonds Debut"


The two-part panel discussion on GX Economic Transition Bonds will include METI and major domestic and foreign institutional investors, while the panel discussion on Transition Finance will include issuers and market participants.

Enhancing the Function of Japan as an International Financial Center - Perspectives from Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo and Sapporo

Consortium for Japan International Asset Management Center Promotion, Fukuoka Prefectural Government

This event is co-hosted by Fukuoka Prefecture and JIAM to showcase strengths, characteristics and initiative of Japan’s 4 financial cities, namely Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo and Sapporo.
Each financial city in Japan will share its achievements and experiences since the international financial centre vision was launched. In addition, key persons from each city will discuss specific actions to be taken in order to provide an opportunity to understand how the international financial city in Japan as a whole will develop in the future.

Finance Seminar for Everyone

The Organization of Global Financial City Tokyo

Financial Seminar for Everyone is a seminar designed for those who are interested in and/or who want to start investing (in Japanese only).

GGX x TCFD Summit

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

World-leading discussions on the collaboration between government, business, and finance sector in achieving emission reduction and economic growth will take place.

The NIKKEI sustainable forum

Nikkei, Inc.

With the themes of "improving the value of Japanese companies with the theme of intellectual property and intangible assets" and "trends of global institutional investors", the purpose is to create communication between operating companies and institutional investors.

ICGN-NBIM Company and Investor Engagement Meeting

ICGN, NBIM, Keidanren

Earlier this year, the Japan Financial Services Agency published an ‘Action Program for Accelerating Corporate Governance Reform: From Form to Substance’. A key element of this plan is to encourage constructive dialogue between companies and investors to ...

Events hosted by Bloomberg


Bloomberg is pleased to announce the following series of side events designed to enrich your experience at PRI in Person. If you would like to be considered for an invitation to any of the below sessions, please let us know by registering your interest.

PRI in Person

PRI Association

PRI in Person provides a platform for PRI signatories and other investment professionals to learn, exchange and collaborate with peers from around the globe. Insightful discussion and debate on the latest responsible investment trends, alongside extensive networking opportunities, make this an unmissable opportunity. ...

"Financial Nippon" Top Symposium

Nikkei, Inc.

Energy Conference - Business Leaders Forum 2023

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCI France-Japon)

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCI France-Japon) is glad to inform you that it will be holding, in partnership with the French Embassy, the 6th edition of its Energy Conference. Focusing on green transformation in the Japanese energy sector, it will take placeon Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, from 3pm onwards at L'Espace CCIFJ (Nihonbashi, Tokyo). ...

AIMA Japan Seminar & Networking: Charting the Future of Japan as a Global Financial Powerhouse

AIMA Japan

Join AIMA on 3 Oct 2023 in Tokyo for a seminar and networking reception that unveils our strategic roadmap for Japan's financial resurgence. Developed in association with our Japan IFC Working Group, this event is a must-attend for industry leaders and policymakers.

Meeting with the Global Asset Owners' Forum member

GPIF, CalPERS, CalSTRS, Keidanren

The influential asset owners in Japan and overseas and global companies from Japan will participate in the exchange of opinions to enhance the corporate value over the medium to long term.

Joint seminar of the Korea Federation of Banks and the Japanese Bankers Association

The Korea Federation of Banks、The Japanese Bankers Association

Korean and Japanese authorities and banking industry leaders will share knowledge and exchange views on green transformation and digital transformation in their respective countries. This seminar is only for those who are concerned.

What diversity is needed for start-ups to grow? Fact-finding review of research on gender diversity in startups

Startup Ecosystem Association Japan

What diversity is needed for start-ups to grow?
Verify the current situation and challenges as revealed by research on gender diversity in startups.

Tokyo GX Roundtable

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Foreign experts who lead various conferences during Tokyo GX Week and Japanese companies working on decarbonization will meet at the Prime Minister's Office and exchange opinions on global debate trends and Japan's efforts.

Financial Reform Forum

Nikkei, Inc.

Provided a forum for discussing the financial reforms necessary for the revitalization of Japan, clarified the issues necessary to promote GX investment and lending and realize a plan to double asset income, and discussed the strategies and directions that financial institutions should take in the future.

October 4 Securities Investment Day Talk Event

Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Exchange Group, Japan Investment Trusts Association

This press event will be held on the occasion of “Securities Investment Day” to raise the awareness on securities investment and the soon to be implemented new NISA. A video clip in Japanese will be posted after the event.


Fukuoka Prefectural Government and Fukuoka City Government

This business-matching event aims to promote the expansion of the asset management and Fintech businesses into Fukuoka by creating the business opportunities for investment to influential companies in Kyushu※and for matching between domestic and foreign Fintech companies and financial institutions in Kyushu. ...

Public-Private Partnership Forum on Increasing Domestic Investment

The executives of Japanese and foreign companies that are investing in Japan introduce their projects and exchange views on issues on increasing investment in Japan with the Cabinet members.

2023 BlackRock Japan Head of State/Long Term Investors Summit

BlackRock, Inc.

BlackRock is convening a select group of leading global investors including CEOs, Chairs, and CIOs of the world’s largest asset owners (sovereign wealth funds, national pensions, insurers, etc.) and local financial institutions to discuss the transformational changes occurring in Japan. The event will feature discussions including the macroeconomic landscape of Japan, the government’s “New Capitalism Action Plan,” opportunities associated with the global energy transition, the government’s plan to mobilize the nation’s savings into investments, and the strength of the corporate sector.

Australia and Japan – A bright future for hydrogen

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCI France-Japon)

Join us for this one-of-a-kind event in partnership with the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry​​ to hear about the promising energy future between Australia and Japan. The two countries are early leaders in the development of the hydrogen economy. Australia has vast renewable potential for ...

Tokyo Sustainable Finance Forum

The Organization of Global Financial City Tokyo

This forum is aimed towards stakeholders of domestic and international financial institutions, etc., and will address subjects pertaining to global trends and future outlook of sustainable finance.

KKR / Global Atlantic Japan Insurance Conference 2023

KKR Japan

This event will discuss the global insurance strategies of KKR and Global Atlantic, and how we can serve as an investment partner for insurance companies in Japan.

Global Investor Roundtable

Government of Japan

Government officials including Prime Minister Kishida and global investors will exchange views to promote Japan as a leading asset management center.

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