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Global Financial
Partnership Center

Founded by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) in 2014 as the Asian Financial Partnership Center (AFPAC), the Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC) was created in 2016 to strengthen ties between financial regulators around the world. GLOPAC offers tailor-made Programs for Fellows working in banking, securities, and insurance regulation authorities.

What is GLOPAC?

GLOPAC was created to:

  • Address issues related to global financial markets

  • Assist in developing financial sector infrastructure

  • Build relationships with financial authorities around the world

Pursuing These Objectives

GLOPAC operates an international Fellowship Program at the Financial Services Agency in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo. This 2 to 3 month Program is offered to financial regulators and supervisors from around the world. Visiting Fellows research the Japanese financial regulatory system, attend lectures by senior FSA staff, and travel to different regions to study local financial regulation.

Each Program is tailor-made to match each participant’s areas of interest and includes seminars on the banking, securities, and insurance environments in Japan. GLOPAC aims to build strong relationships with financial sector officials from around the world and maintains these connections through its Alumni Network.

An International Community

Since 2014, 185 people representing 37 countries and regions have participated in the Fellowship Program. Participants are able to forge connections with international colleagues and learn about the different ways the financial sector is regulated around the world. Every term, a diverse group of Fellows gathers in downtown Tokyo to work in the heart of the Japanese government, inside the FSA building.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fellowship Program has been conducted online.

Development of the Program

January 8, 2021 Himino Ryozo, Commissioner of the Japanese Financial Services Agency, publishes his book, The Japanese Banking Crisis, which is based on lectures given to regulators from emerging economies at GLOPAC.
April 1, 2016 FSA reorganizes AFPAC and establishes it as the Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC)
April 30, 2014 Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) establishes the Asian Financial Partnership Center (AFPAC)

Imagine Your GLOPAC Experience

The training and research programs at GLOPAC are tailored to each fellow’s areas of interest. Over the course of 2 to 3 months, visiting fellows will attend lectures on various aspects of the Japanese financial regulatory system, visit the offices of Japanese financial services, conduct individual research, and travel to different parts of Japan.

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GLOPAC Staff and Their Role in the Program

Program staff work closely with the Visiting Fellows to ensure that their time in Japan is as productive as possible. The Program’s curriculum includes workshops and lectures based on the participants’ individual areas of interest, and GLOPAC staff work to organize additional seminars and events to connect Visiting Fellows with private businesspeople, academics, officials from other governmental bodies, and senior and frontline officials at FSA.

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