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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below have been selected from those most commonly asked by our candidates and current Visiting Fellows.

Starting the Fellowship Program

From which countries does GLOPAC accept Visiting Fellows?
GLOPAC’s Visiting Fellows come from Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America, and Africa.
What kind of organizations do the Visiting Fellows represent?
GLOPAC Fellows work at central banks, securities administrators, and insurance regulatory bureaus.
What positions do the Visiting Fellows hold?
GLOPAC’s Visiting Fellows hold financial regulatory and supervisory positions at organizations within the three fields of banking, securities, and insurance.
How many times each year is the Fellowship Program held?
Generally speaking, the Fellowship Program is held once per year for each of the three fields given above, for a total of three times per year.
How many Visiting Fellows attend each Program?
In general, each Fellowship Program has a total of 10 Visiting Fellows.
What is required to participate in GLOPAC as a Visiting Fellows?
Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years working experience in a financial regulatory or supervisory position at a central bank, securities regulator, or insurance oversight bureau, and sufficient command of the English language.
What steps are involved in applying to become a GLOPAC Fellow?
Fellows are selected by their financial authorities, which are invited to participate in the Program by Japan’s Financial Services Agency. Once selected, an applicant will need to prepare a formal resume, employment history, and a list of topics they would like to study during the Program and submit it to the Financial Services Agency.
If your financial authority was invited to participate, but you were not selected, is it possible to apply as an individual?
Unfortunately, individual applications cannot be accepted. In the event that you would like to apply, please consult with your relevant organization.
How many Fellows are accepted from each country?
Generally speaking, only one Visiting Fellow is accepted from each country.
What is the post-application process?
In addition to reviewing the documents submitted by the applicants, the Financial Services Agency will conduct online interviews with each applicant.
Is it necessary to obtain a visa for the 2- to 3-month period of the Program?
Yes, all Visiting Fellows will be required to obtain the necessary visas for their participation in the Program as researchers.
What, if anything, should Visiting Fellows bring with them when attending the Program?
Visiting Fellows should bring any documents they will need when giving their presentation on the current conditions of the financial sector in their home countries.

During the Fellowship Program

In what language will instruction be conducted?
All workshops and lectures will be conducted in English, but Visiting Fellows will likely need basic proficiency in Japanese to conduct everyday tasks (such as shopping or going to restaurants).
During which hours of the day will the Fellowship be held?
Generally speaking, Fellows will attend seminars from 9:30 to 18:15 each day, but this schedule may be altered as necessary.
Where will Visiting Fellows stay during the length of the Program?
Program participants will stay in fully furnished accommodations arranged by the Financial Services Agency.
Will Visiting Fellows be able to cook for themselves?
Yes, the accommodations arranged by the Financial Services Agency will include a simple kitchen, laundry machine, and other basic appliances necessary for everyday life.
How will Visiting Fellows commute to the Financial Services Agency each day?
The Financial Services Agency will provide information on train or bus routes from each participant’s accommodations, but Fellows are free to use any means they desire to travel to the ministry each day.
Will Visiting Fellows visit areas outside of Tokyo?
Yes, as part of the Program participants will visit the local financial bureaus and offices in several regions.
What assistance will be available for Visiting Fellows who speak limited Japanese?
In order to ensure that participants will be able to operate comfortably while living in Japan, the Fellowship Program includes basic Japanese lessons.
Will Visiting Fellows be required to attend certain events or functions on their weekend and holidays?
Generally speaking, weekends and holidays can be spent as desired. Participants are encouraged to make the most of their opportunity to experience Japan and its unique culture.
Are there any recommendations for how Visiting Fellows can best use their free time to experience Japan?
Travel suggestions and other recommendations will be happily provided if requested.

After Completing the Fellowship Program

What is expected of Fellows after they finish the GLOPAC Program?
Graduates are encouraged to apply their new knowledge to benefit their own financial authorities, and to continue to work to strengthen the relationship between Japan and their home countries.
Will graduates be able to have an ongoing connection to the Financial Services Agency?
Yes, there are a variety of ways through which GLOPAC graduates can continue to be involved in the Program and the Financial Services Agency.
What sort of opportunities are there for GLOPAC graduates?
Past Fellows are frequently invited to return to Japan to share their experience with current Visiting Fellows or present at international conferences, among other similar opportunities. GLOPAC also regularly holds alumni forums for the Program graduates.
Can graduates volunteer to take part in the events described above?
Generally speaking, no, past participants are selected by the Financial Services Agency to lecture for current Visiting Fellows and attend conferences, etc.
Can Fellows extend their visas to remain in Japan even after the Program has ended?
No, once the GLOPAC Program is completed, participants will be required to return to their home countries within a set timeframe.

Questions Regarding the Internship

Who can participate in the internship program?
The internship program is intended for the employees of financial authorities of developing nations who are enrolled in graduate programs in Japan and studying public policy.
How does one apply to the internship?
The Financial Services Agency provides details on the internship program to participating educational institutions (graduate programs). For information on applying to the internship, please consult with your own program or university.
Is the internship different from the GLOPAC Fellowship Program?
Yes, the internship consists of a total of 10 days spread out during GLOPAC Fellowship Program.
Are students who complete the internship considered graduates of the GLOPAC program?
Yes, past interns are considered GLOPAC graduates. Like graduates of the Fellowship Program, they are encouraged to apply their new knowledge to benefit their own financial authorities, and to continue to work to strengthen the relationship between Japan and their home countries.

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