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Homecoming Programs

The Homecoming Programs are held during the GLOPAC Fellowship Program terms. Every term, staff at GLOPAC ask a few former Visiting Fellows to come back and give talks to the current cohort of Fellows. The former Visiting Fellows are asked to present on subjects like how to best enjoy their time in Japan, the status of the financial industry in their home country, and what they have learned since their time at GLOPAC came to an end.

  • Overview

    The Homecoming Programs are an expression of the Japanese senpai/kohai relationship. Senpai, which literally means “one who has gone before,” are expected to help their kohai, or “one who comes after,” in order to ensure that the less experienced members of a group are able to learn and improve. GLOPAC invites a handful of former Visiting Fellows to be senpai for the current group of Visiting Fellows each term.

  • Who Can Join?

    The Homecoming Program is open to all former Visiting Fellows, but participants during a particular term will be invited by GLOPAC staff. Selection is based on the current cohort of Fellows’ home countries and their areas of interest. Priority is given to Fellows who come from a country other than the ones represented in the current cohort. If you are interested in participating, please contact the GLOPAC Secretariat.

  • What to Expect

    The former Visiting Fellows invited to take part in the Program are asked to prepare a presentation that will help the current cohort of Fellows during their Fellowship Program. Topics include how to best enjoy their stay in Japan, the status of financial regulation in the presenter’s home country, and topics connected to the participants’ areas of interest. Former Visiting Fellows who take part in the Homecoming Program will be given the opportunity to meet with mentors and colleagues at FSA from their time in the Program as well.

Previous Homecoming Programs

Tokyo, Japan

November 12, 2019

On November 12, the FSA held its Eighth Homecoming Program. Three former Visiting Fellows from the Argentinian Insurance Authority, the Central Bank of the Philippines, and the Superintendence of Private Insurance of Brazil participated and gave lectures about the financial markets in their countries. They also discussed key concepts they learned during the Program and how they have applied those concepts after returning to their countries. As none of the Fellows were from Latin America, it was a great opportunity to hear about market situations in the region, and also to learn about banking regulations in the Philippines.

Tokyo, Japan

November 20, 2018

On November 20, the FSA held the Seventh Homecoming Program. Three former Visiting Fellows from the Insurance Supervision Board of Turkey, the Office of Insurance Commission of Thailand, and the Securities and Exchange Board of India participated. The returnees gave lectures about the markets in their countries, and they also discussed how concepts they learned during the Program have been useful to them since returning to their own countries. The speakers also gave some tips on their favorite local places to visit and how to enjoy life in Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan

August 7, 2018

On August 7, GLOPAC held its Sixth Homecoming Program. Three former Visiting Fellows—Mr. Hassan Kolamooei of the Central Bank of Iran, Mr. Men Pheakdey of the National Bank of Cambodia, and Mr. Majed Salem Ahmed Al’Hammadi of the Central Bank of the UAE—talked about their experiences with the GLOPAC Fellowship Program. They also discussed how they have applied Program concepts following their completion of GLOPAC.

Tokyo, Japan

May 1, 2018

On May 1, GLOPAC held the Fifth Homecoming Program hosting two former Visiting Fellows: Ms. Galya Badyelkhan of the Central Bank of Mongolia and Mr. Ben Joshua A. Baltazar of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines. The former Visiting Fellows were able to help the current Visiting Fellows with ideas for effective participation in the Program and where to go to experience real Japanese culture.

Tokyo, Japan

November 1-2, 2017

On November 1 and 2, GLOPAC held its Fourth Homecoming Program. Three former Visiting Fellows participated: Mr. Matthew Aire from the Dubai Financial Services Agency, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang from the Ministry of Finance of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and Mr. Marino Hernández Reyes from the Insurance and Surety National Commission of Mexico. They gave interesting presentations to the current Visiting Fellows on the financial sectors in their home countries.

Tokyo, Japan

August 8, 2017

On August 8, GLOPAC held the Third Homecoming Program. Three former Visiting Fellows—Ms. Nichaya Kosolwongse from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand, Mr. Ngo Van Duc from the State Bank of Vietnam, and Mr. Bomakara Heng from the National Bank of Cambodia—met with Commissioner of the Japanese Financial Services Agency, Himino Ryozo and then talked about their current roles and responsibilities. The returnees also gave presentations to the current Visiting Fellows that highlighted key concepts from the Program they have been able to apply in their day-to-day business lives.

Tokyo, Japan

March 15, 2017

On March 15, GLOPAC held the Second Homecoming Program, in which two former Visiting Fellows participated: Mr. Gamini Priyantha from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka, and Mr. Roselee Shah Shaharudin from the Securities Commission of Malaysia. They each introduced their roles and responsibilities in their respective institutions, and they gave presentations to the current Visiting Fellows about their experiences and key concepts they learned from the GLOPAC Fellowship Program. During a Q&A session, the two former Visiting Fellows gave useful tips on how to enjoy the Fellowship Program and life in Japan.

Tokyo, Japan

December 6, 2016

On December 6, GLOPAC held its First Homecoming Program and invited three former GLOPAC Visiting Fellows as guest speakers, asking them to share their post-Fellowship experiences in their home countries. Mr. Ulziibat Molomjamts of the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia emphasized that the lectures and discussion from GLOPAC helped him develop his ideas concerning future introduction of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system in Mongolia. Mr. Dang Tai An Trang from the State Securities Commission of Vietnam presented his experiences implementing new financial regulation and supervision. Mr. Camilo Carl I. Roque from the Insurance Commission of the Philippines mentioned upcoming reforms in the Philippines and gave a comparison between his country and Japan.

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