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The Current Visiting Fellows Attending an Online Lecture

Current Visiting Fellows

These are the current Visiting Fellows for the 20th GLOPAC term, February to June 2022. Representing 10 different countries, they are the fourth group of Fellows who are attending the Program remotely due to concerns with the Covid-19 pandemic. We are delighted to share messages from 6 Fellows based on their agreement on posting.

  • Ms. Marcela Díaz

    February to June 2022

    “I would tell them that it is a great opportunity, since it will help them grow both personally and professionally.”

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  • Mr. Akram Asaker

    February to June 2022

    “I will definitely spread the ideas to maximize the benefit and try to apply what I have learned.”

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  • Ms. Hera Eka Putri

    February to June 2022

    “This tailor-made program provides me with broad knowledge, insights, and concepts in Capital Market Industry.”

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  • Ms. Ninjin Altanbulag

    February to June 2022

    “I will share my knowledge with my colleagues after completion of the program, moreover I will use the knowledge and information gained from the program in drafting rules and regulations.”

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  • Ms. Atty. Trina Donabelle R. Gojunco-Lumberio

    February to June 2022

    “If you have the opportunity to apply in the GLOPAC Fellowship program, do not think twice. Grab it!”

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  • Ms. Esa Tamsakul

    February to June 2022

    “All the knowledge learned from the program will be a valuable guidance to apply in the policy making and regulation development in my jurisdiction.”

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Meet Current Visiting Fellows

Voices of Our Previous Fellows

We have collected short messages from previous Visiting Fellows about their experiences during the Program.

19th Insurance Program

September to December 2021

Representing 8 different countries, the 19th securities Fellows are the third group of Fellows who are attending the Program remotely due to concerns with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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18th Securities Program

February to June 2021

Representing 10 different countries, the 18th securities Fellows are the second group to attend the Program remotely due to concerns with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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17th Banking Program

October 2020 to January 2021

Representing 8 different countries, the 17th banking Fellows are the first group to attend the Program remotely due to concerns with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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How to Join the Fellowship Program

The GLOPAC Fellowship Program is restricted to those working for financial regulatory agencies in emerging countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin and South America.

Step 1.

Nomination of Candidates

Between 5 and 6 months before the start of an official GLOPAC Fellowship Program term, the GLOPAC Secretariat send out requests for nominations for Program participants to our partner agencies around the world. Each nominee submits a curriculum vitae and a list of their areas of interest, and GLOPAC staff conduct individual interviews to learn more about each nominee and their background. All nominations must be made through the official contact of our partner agencies; GLOPAC does not accept unsolicited applications from individuals.

Step 2.

Candidate Screening and Interviews

Once the nominations from partner agencies have been received, GLOPAC staff hold online interviews with each candidate. The interview includes an introduction of the Program, the role of the Visiting Fellows, and a discussion of what each nominee hopes to learn from the Program. After the interviews are completed and reviewed, GLOPAC staff contacts its partner agencies to inform them whether their nominee was accepted or not.

Step 3.

Visa Application and Introductory Presentation

If the Program schedule contains in-person training in Japan, all qualified candidates will need to obtain a short-term trainee visa. The visa application process takes 2 or more months to complete. Participating candidates are also required to prepare an introductory presentation on what the banking, securities, or insurance market looks like in their own country. These presentations are meant to help the Visiting Fellows understand the market situation in other countries and their peers’ areas of interest. If the Program is conducted entirely online, there is no need for a visa application, and the Program schedule will be changed accordingly.

Step 4.

Getting Here and Starting the Program

Approximately 1 to 3 weeks before the Program begins, GLOPAC will send a detailed term schedule to our new Fellows along with their flight’s e-ticket information and instructions for meeting the Program staff at the airport. On the first day of the Program, the staff will individually review each participant’s housing arrangements, commute to FSA, and basic everyday routine. On the fellows’ second day in Tokyo, they all gather at FSA to meet each other and to officially start the Program.

Through the GLOPAC Program, Visiting Fellows gather from around the world to pursue a shared interest in financial regulation.

Meet Some of
Our Former Visiting Fellows

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