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January 10, 2020
Financial Services Agency

Guidebook for Registration of Investment Management Business and Other Financial Instruments Businesses

Asset managers, who engage in asset management with professional expertise, play very important roles in revitalizing the Japanese capital market and achieving people’s stable asset building.
For reaching these goals, it is crucial to facilitate the smooth entry of Financial Instruments Business Operators by reducing burdens on their entry into the Japanese financial market. From this viewpoint, “Follow-up on the Growth Strategy” (June 2019 Cabinet decision) proclaims preparation of a guidebook to support registration application for financial industry as one of the growth strategies.
Under these circumstances, this Guidebook has been released for the purpose of providing information concerning the procedures for registration for Investment Management Business and other Financial Instruments Businesses.
In easily understandable way, using flowcharts and illustrations, this Guidebook explains the types of registration to be required for each of the major business schemes related to asset management business, while provides an overview of the procedure for registration screening and explanations on the requirements for registration. We hope those who consider operating asset management business in Japan will find this Guidebook useful.
In addition, the form of Summary of Applicant for New Registration or its Change (Investment Management Business) is provided below. Its English translation is also released for reference. In a prior consultation for registration of Investment Management Business with Local Finance Bureau/Local Finance Office, a registration applicant is asked to prepare the form as a tool by which to facilitate smooth dialogue between registration applicant and authority.

・Guidebook for Registration of Investment Management Business and Other Financial Instruments Businesses (HTMLPDF) (English translation (HTMLPDF)

                      * Since the form of Summary of Registration Applicant will be revised as needed, the form to be used in an actual screening procedure can be different from the one above.


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