FSA Research Review (Special Edition)*

Table of Contents

1.  PDFIntroduction (PDF:20K)
2.  PDFProgramme (PDF:30K)
3.  PDFOpening Remarks (PDF:21K)   PDFPhotograph (PDF:74K)
4.  PDFKeynote Speech (PDF:36K)   PDFMaterial (PDF:50K)
5.  Country Report 1
    (1) PDFThailand (PDF:61K)   PDFMaterial1 (PDF:193K)   PDFMaterial2 (PDF:109K)
    (2) PDFKorea (PDF:59K)   PDFMaterial (PDF:179K)
6.  Country Report 2
    (1) PDFChina (PDF:50K)   PDFMaterial1 (PDF:138K)   PDFMaterial2 (PDF:22K)
    (2) PDFJapan (PDF:46K)   PDFMaterial (PDF:131K)
7.  PDFRound Table Discussion (PDF:159K)

* This Special Edition includes materials for the International Conference on Legal and Economic Frameworks for Consumer Protection in Asian Financial Services.(held on March 3, 2006)

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