International Conference on Legal and Economic Frameworks for
Consumer Protection in Asian Financial Services
Co-organized by Financial Research and Training Center and
21 COE-Market Quality Project, Keio University

Date: March 3, 2006
Venue:International Conference Room, Mita Kaigisho

10:00-10:10   Opening Remarks
    Mr. Hirofumi Gomi, Commissioner, Financial Services Agency
10:10-10:40   Keynote Speech
    Prof. Hideki Kanda, The University of Tokyo
10:40-12:20   Country Report 1:

Moderator: Dr. Nobuhiko Sugiura, Research Fellow, Financial Research and Training Center, FSA

10:40-11:10   Thailand
    Mr. Chodechai Suwanaporn, Ministry of Finance
    Mr. Nat Tapasanan, Bank of Thailand
11:10-11:30   Discussion
11:30-12:00   Korea
    Prof. Kon Sik Kim, Seoul National University
    Prof. Sunseop Jung, University of Incheon
12:00-12:20   Discussion
12:20-13:30   Lunch (Mita Room, Mita Kaigisho)
13:30-15:10   Country Report 2:

Moderator, Mr. Woo Chull Chung, Resident Director General, Japanese Representative Office, Asian Development Bank

13:30-14:00   China
    Dr. Dong Ansheng, Law School of Renmin University
    Prof. Tong Shiping, Matsuyama University
14:00-14:20   Discussion
14:20-14:50   Japan
    Prof. Souichiro Kozuka, Sophia University
    Dr. Nobuhiko Sugiura, Financial Research and Training Center, FSA
14:50-15:10   Discussion
15:10-15:40   Coffee Break
15:40-17:10   Round Table Discussion:

Leading Speaker: Prof. Naoyuki Yoshino, Director, Financial Research and Training Center, FSA, 21 COE-Market Quality Project, Keio University

17:10   Closing

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