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The Council of Experts Concerning the Follow-up of Japan’s Stewardship Code and Japan’s Corporate Governance Code


Public Comment

Finalization of the revised Japan's Corporate Governance Code and the Guidelines for Investor and Company Engagement

Minutes and Materials 

The Nineteenth Council on April 10, 2019

Material 1 (PDF:245KB)

Material 2 (PDF:591KB)

Minutes (PDF:471KB)

The Seventeenth Council on January 28, 2019

Material 1-1(PDF:1032KB)

Material 1-2(PDF:943KB)

Minutes (PDF:522KB)

The Fourteenth Council on February 15, 2018

Material 1 (PDF:152KB)

Material 2 (PDF:345KB)

Minutes (PDF:676KB)

The Twelfth Council on November 15, 2017

Material 1 (PDF:141KB)

Material 2 (PDF:171KB)

Minutes (PDF:547KB)

The Eleventh Council on October 18, 2017

Material 1 (PDF:2,074KB)

Material 2 (PDF:2,423KB)

Minutes (PDF:301KB)

The Tenth Council on November 8, 2016

Material (PDF:270KB)

Minutes (PDF:214KB)

The Second Council on October 20, 2015

Material 1 (PDF:779KB)

Material 2 (PDF:60KB)

Minutes (PDF:492KB)


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